Renfield 815

Renfield 81H is entered in the upcoming 2021 CSBA All Canada Online Purebred Sheep Sale on July 9th.


UPDATE AUGUST 2021 - The flock has been sold. 

The Renfield flock is made up entirely of 100% British Suffolk bloodlines. It was initiated with the purchase of two ewe lambs from the Thistlestone flock owned by Keith and Mary Lamont in Acton, Ontario. The first ram used was Richardson 200H, his dam was Barton Lodge 82Y, a descendant of an importation of Scottish Suffolk into Prince Edward Island. She was part of an insemination project funded by the Nova Scotia government in 1997 and Richardson 200H was the result, he is sired by Criccin Supersire 95. Subsequent purchases were made from Thistlestone Farm in 2010 and 2012, along with the purchase of two ewes in 2012 from the Shillalah flock of Florence and Don Pullen in Clinton, Ontario. Both the Thistlestone and Shillalah flocks imported embryos in 1994. 


We did an insemination in 2012 using the following Scottish rams: Forsyth 1E, Stockton Supersire 95, and Drinkstone Superstud. The insemination produced four ewes, two from Forsyth 1E and two from Stockton Supersire 95. There were no ram lambs produced from this AI and there were no lambs produced from Drinkstone Superstud.


In 2013, Trillium Woods 12A and Renfield 44U were bought before closing the flock. The flock was recently re-opened with the purchase of Trillium Woods 13A from James and Cecile Blackie. Trillium Woods 13A is the sire of the 2017 lamb crop. All animals have been scrapie-genotyped and have tested negative for Maedi Visna and Q-fever.


At Renfield Farm we believe that lambs should be raised on pasture, that's why our lambs are introduced to pasture while being weaned from the ewes. We find this helps the lambs transition to grass quite quickly and aids in the weaning process. 

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