Our Rams

Our 2020 lamb crop will be sired by Renfield 46F (RR) the son of Drinkstone Heavyweight and Renfield 41F (RR) the son of Forsyth 1E.
Renfield 46F
Renfield 41F
In 2016, we purchased Trillium Woods 13A from James and Cecile Blackie, he is the sire of our 2017 lambs and his scrapie genotype is RR. Thistlestone 212Z and Renfield 38A sired our previous lamb crops. Thistlestone 212Z sired our 2016 lambs, his scrapie genotype is RQ. Renfield38A sired our 2015 lamb crop and his scrapie genotype is QQ, but he is no longer in the Renfield flock.
Trillium Woods 13A
Thistlestone 212Z
Renfield 38A